Jim Hollingshead, Ph.D.


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Jim Hollingshead, PhD

President, Sleep and Respiratory Care Business of ResMed Inc. and Director of SleepScore Labs

Dr. Hollingshead has served on our Board of Directors since July 2019. He currently serves as President of the Sleep and Respiratory Care business at ResMed Inc., a publicly-held global medical technology company focused on the treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders. As President of ResMed’s SRC business, Dr. Hollingshead led ResMed’s transformation from a traditional medical hardware technology business to a SaaS-based digital solutions and services business. From 2011 to 2017, he held numerous positions at ResMed, including President, Americas, Chief Strategy Officer, and President, Ventures & Initiatives. Previously, Dr. Hollingshead spent nearly two decades in strategy consulting across a range of industries including biotech, high-tech, and telecommunications. He serves on the Board of SleepScore Labs, a privately-held joint venture between ResMed, Pegasus Capital and Oz Media. Prior, he was a senior partner in the Strategy and Life Sciences practices at Deloitte Consulting and also served as Managing Partner at Monitor Group, a U.S. strategy consulting firm, including serving in various global roles, including Founder and Managing Partner and European Marketing Strategy Practice in the U.K. and Office Managing Partner in Istanbul. Dr. Hollingshead holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and International Relations with Highest Distinction from Stanford University, and a Master’s Degree and Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley, where he was awarded a graduate student Fellowship by the National Science Foundation. He brings to the Insulet Board a unique combination of digital strategy and transformation expertise, as well as global corporate leadership and consulting experience in the biotech and life sciences sectors.

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